LifeStory.  ~ Just can't stop singing this song.

One of those great spirit-of-life sing-alongs.

That's the LifeStory – you know. The Human Kind.

Yeah, we walk, and we talk, we eat, and we sleep.

Have a birthday or two, and a party too.

We laugh, and we sing, and we sigh, but we cry.

First we live, then we die, die, die!


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Product Description

The happy sing-along of life song.  Just can’t help singing this song.

It binds all humans.  It defines the spirit of life in a light-hearted song of feelings, emotions and rituals that we all experience.  A summary, a chronology- yet so simple and uplifting.

Great for all parties, birthdays and get together with friends.

Acoustic guitar combined skillfully with playful lyrics to delight.

Once you hear it, you just can’t stop singing this song!


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